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Common Signs Your Diamond Ring Needs Repair

Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the largest investments we make in our lives, so its important that we protect our investment with regular maintenance. If you notice that your diamond ring is showing one of these signs, its time to take it to a jeweler for repair. 


While bridal jewelry is undoubtedly a testament to the love and dedication in a partnership, engagement rings and wedding bands are also investments. In fact, the average couple spends approximately $6,351 on wedding and engagement jewelry.

Just as you would protect your investment in your home by fixing a broken window, you should protect your wedding jewelry investment through proper care and maintenance. Without regular cleanings and fixes, your expensive custom jewelry may fall into disrepair. Damage sustained over time isn’t always fixable, so regular upkeep is crucial to protecting your jewelry's beauty.

That being said, there are a few key signs that your jewelry is due for repairs outside of regular maintenance. If you notice any of the following, take your ring to a jeweler to have the issue addressed quickly:

Prong Problems

Many diamond rings use prongs to secure the precious stone to the metal band. Prongs are an ideal diamond setting-- they hold the stone in place while allowing plenty of light to enter, creating magnificent sparkle. However, prongs can come on the thin side, and even under the best of circumstances might wear, loosen, or break.

If you notice a prong on your ring has been bent, or that the tip of a prong is missing, take the ring off and store it in a safe place until you can drop it off for jewelry repair. Otherwise, your diamond might break loose, possibly becoming lost forever. A jeweler will be able to tighten or replace prongs so that your stone is once again secure and safe to wear.


Though beautiful, gold and silver are soft metals. This means that custom jewelry for weddings and engagements tend to show signs of scratches and dullness with regular wear. To keep your ring polished and blemish-free, schedule ring maintenance about twice a year. If you notice a fresh and deep scratch, however, consider taking the ring in for a check-up sooner. The jeweler may have to take special measures to mend the deepest cuts without further damaging the ring.

Stone Shifting or Looseness

While prong problems are common, other diamond settings can come with their own challenges. No matter the setting, a loose diamond is cause for concern. Every now and then, hold your ring at eye level to ensure the stone hasn’t been knocked into a crooked position, turned, or otherwise loosened. If you can feel the stone moving slightly with pressure, take the ring off, and bring it in to get cleaned and further inspected.

Custom jewelry for weddings is meant to last a lifetime. However, fine jewelry is not meant to go a lifetime without repair or maintenance. If you notice any of these problems, consider dropping off your ring(s) to protect your romantic investment. No appointment is needed for a jewelry cleaning and inspection! Cleaning and inspections are always free of charge, even if the rings were not purchased at The Diamond Room.

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