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October Birthstones
October - Opal and Tourmaline

Like a couple other months, October is lucky enough to have two birthstones!

Opal – Opals can be described as the kaleidoscope of gemstones. Some have a color changing effects that diffract light to display various colors of the rainbow. These flashy gems are called “precious opals;” those without play-of-color are “common opals”. For many years this stone has been associated with good luck! They were discovered in Australia, were the country as produced 95% of the world’s supply. Opals can also be mined in Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Ethiopia and Czech Republic and even some parts of the United States.  Because the stone can range from three to 21% water – the stones hardness only ranges from 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale. They are extremely delicate and crack under extreme temperature, dehydration, or direct light.

Tourmaline - Tourmaline comes in a broad spectrum of colors in every shade of the rainbow. Many still believe the stone can shield against toxins and negative thoughts. A complex stone, made up of many different properties makes a 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale. Tourmaline is mined in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Pakistan and the United States.

Information sourced from American Gem Society;

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