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Engagement and Wedding Ring Care: Do’s and Don’ts

Did you know that the average couple in the United States spends just over $6,000 on wedding rings and engagement jewelry? With an expense this large, its important to know how to properly care for the jewelry so it lasts as long as possible. Check out our latest blog as we go over a few tips to keep your diamonds sparkling and looking their best. 

Proper Care of Engagement and Wedding Rings

The average couple in the United States spends just over $6,000 on wedding rings and engagement jewelry. That is a pretty significant investment and unfortunately, not many couples take the time to learn how to properly care for this expensive jewelry. Often ring repair is needed because of loose diamonds or other issues with bridal jewelry.

As you get ready to purchase your engagement jewelry or wedding rings, be sure to understand how to properly care for them. Of course, you understand that this jewelry, in particular, is not just a monetary investment, it is also a symbol of the commitment each of you made to the other. To help you care for your jewelry, we created some tips for proper maintenance of wedding rings and engagement jewelry.

Clean regularly: Rings can start to look old and tarnished because of a build-up of dirt and oil. This dirt and oil buildup will block the interaction of light with the stone. Cleaning the ring is a pretty simple process too. Simply drop your ring into a jar of warm water mixed with a few drops of soap or mild dishwasher detergent. Let the ring sit for several minutes and then gently scrub the stone and basket with a baby toothbrush (soft-bristled), rinse, and pat dry. This should become a ritual that happens about 2 times each month. A word of caution: DO NOT RINSE IN THE SINK! There are so many wedding rings that get washed down the sink because someone was attempting to clean the ring over a drain. Please use a jar every time to prevent this from happening to you!

Understand When to Take Your Ring Off: We know, you want to wear your wedding ring as much as possible to help show your devotion to your significant other. However, there are times and activities where it is appropriate to remove your ring. For example, hand washing. As much as it might seem to be a good idea to remove your ring every time you wash your hands, try to resist the urge. In addition to accidentally knocking the ring down the drain, if you are in a public restroom there is always the chance of getting distracted and leaving the ring behind accidentally. Swimming is the opposite. When swimming, the warm water can cause your finger to shrink in size and wedding rings or engagement rings can easily slip off. Also, rings with micro stones should not be worn during vigorous exercise as the stones can pop out more easily.

Consider Engagement Ring Insurance: Insurance is usually a good idea when it comes to engagement rings. Because you are just getting used to wearing the ring, there are a lot of situations you might accidentally damage it. For most homeowners or renters insurance policies, you can simply add the ring to the policy. Also, there are always cases where men will buy a ring and hold it for a few weeks or months before proposing. Because of this, it is important that the ring is insured right away to protect its original value.

Check Prongs and Setting: Inspect the prongs and settings with both your eyes and ears. Loosening prongs can cause stones to fall out and get lost. For very expensive or important rings, it is recommended to get the prongs checked and tightened (if necessary) by a professional at least once each year. If you can see any gaps between the prongs or hear any movement or rattling in the ring, it is time to get the setting tightened.

Ring Dishes Save Rings: As simple as they might seem, ring dishes are lifesavers when it comes to rings. Just like when you buy your first car, you think it is impossible to lose your keys (because they are so important), the same thing happens with rings. However, there are so many situations where rings will be removed (from swimming to sleeping), that if there are ring dishes or designated places for rings, you always have a place to keep important wedding rings or other jewelry. If there is a place designated for it, you are less likely to lose it!

Engagement and wedding rings are very precious pieces of jewelry so it is important to take care of them. While the methods mentioned above are great ways to maintain your pieces, taking your jewelry to get professionally cleaned will ensure its longevity. The specialists at The Diamond Room recommend bringing in your jewelry every 4-6 months to be inspected and cleaned, free of charge! You never need an appointment to drop off your jewelry, so stop in today!


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