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Diamond Shapes!

Did you know that there is more than just one kind of diamond shape to choose from when picking out the perfect engagement ring? It can be an overwhelming process, but don't fret! Check out our latest blog as we explain the different types of diamond shapes so you can shop like a pro in store. 

Oh, diamonds! What’s not to love right? They are beautiful, sparkly and really fun to stare at! Marilyn Monroe said it best, “Diamonds are a girl's best friend!” When it comes to purchasing a diamond, one major factor is, "what gosh darn shape do I want?"

Diamond shape (not to be confused with  cut) can be a hard decision when considering a diamond engagement ring! There are MANY different shapes out there to choose! Here are the top 10 shapes we see most often here at The Diamond Room!

1. Round

The round is the most BRILLIANT diamond shape of them all. Meaning, it has the most fire and sparkle (when cut correctly). Because of this, the round is the most popular shape! Rounds can be your most expensive shape due to the cutting process and produces the most “waste”. The round has been around for hundreds of years and is simply perfect in a solitaire setting. According to The Knot, roughly 53% of couples choose the round diamond shapes for their engagement rings.

2. Oval

The oval diamond has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years due to its unique shape and vintage feel. The oval can help create an illusion of a long slender finger (hint to men, ladies like this!). It also has similar brilliance and fire to its round counterpart. The oval can be set north/south or east/west depending on the style you are wanting to achieve. Both gorgeous nonetheless!

3. Pear

Much like the oval, the pear (or teardrop) has started increasing in popularity. The shape can be described as a combination of the round and marquise shape but tapered at one end. The pear is best worn with the point directed outward, helping create an illusion of a longer finger.

4. Radiant

The radiant is a relatively new shape that became popular in the 1980s. It is best described as a rectangular shaped with Asscher cut corners. Due to the design of the radiant cut, it does require higher quality stone in order to achieve the maximum brilliance.

5. Cushion

The cushion cut has been around since the mid-1700s and is known for its soft rounded corners – resembling a pillow (hint, hint how it got its name)! The cushion can create a large vintage look, which is very trendy right now in bridal.

6. Princess

The princess cut was EXTREMELY popular in late 1900s early 2000’s but has recently started tapering in popularity. Very well known for its square shape and like the round, looks great in many different styles of settings. Due to the four-points, the prongs should ALWAYS be set to protect on the corners, they are prone to chipping!

7. Emerald

Not be confused with the color, the emerald shape is known for its long octagonal shape. The shape is very unique due to the step cuts and open table. It reflects light differently than the traditional brilliant cut diamonds; therefore it doesn’t sparkle quite as the same.

8. Asscher

The Asscher cut is similar to the emerald cut but tends to be more square than rectangular and a much smaller table. Joseph Asscher in Holland created the cut in 1902.

9. Marquise

Dating back to 1745 the marquise was named after the mistress of Louis XV of France. The shape is known for the long and narrow football-shaped cut. If cut well, the diamond can be modified to create an illusion on a larger shape. Symmetry is very important when it comes to the marquise shape, the smallest difference can create the stone to look imbalanced!

10. Heart

Last, but certainly not least the heart shape. The heart diamond is a beautiful symbol of love and romance. The shape needs to be symmetrical or it can look off balanced. The heart shape is generally not found in anything smaller than a half carat due to the difficult cutting technique.

It is important to know what shape(s) you like! When purchasing a diamond engagement ring we always encourage ladies to stop in and just try some on! Diamond shapes, sizes and setting can look different on your hand then in a photo you saw on Pinterest! None-the-less we are always here to help you with all of your diamond needs! Stop and see us when you are ready to find the perfect diamond shape for your next jewelry purchase!


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